We did it!

We are officially open! The Grand Opening was a big success, with a constant stream of people coming in from the time the doors opened until around 8pm, when it quieted down.

MakerLab open door

We had a wide variety of people come through, families, teens, adults, people who have been in makerspaces before, and people who had never heard of one.

We had some simple activities set out for people to try, including creating monoprints from styrofoam plates on a homemade “printing press” (in it’s previous life it was a panini press):


And making custom buttons with our button maker:

We had three contests throughout the day to see who could build the tallest toothpick structure. The heat didn’t help with structural soundness when marshmallows are involved, and several engineers were thwarted at the last minute when their buildings slumped over at the last minute. Take-away lesson: design for your environment!

The two 3D printers were printing non-stop, and we showed off our laser cutter that’s still under construction.

We tried to get everyone to leave their mark on our artwork that is now hanging on the wall. What a bunch of creative people!!

We had so much fun getting to know the people in our community and spreading the word about the Maker Movement. We gained 3 new members, and had a great write up in My Edmonds News. It was a VERY successful day!




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