We are getting so excited about our space! We will have a 3D printer by the time we open, and we are working on building a laser cutter for the space! It’s a 50W laser and the cutting area will be 16×20 (ish…still to be determined).  The awesome crew at SnoCo makerspace in Everett is helping us get up and running, and we owe them a HUGE thanks!

Other tools we know we will have:

  • Sewing machine (Singer Rocketeer: this thing sews through 9 layers of denim, so it’s pretty heavy duty!)
  • Dremel Variable speed rotary tool
  • Rockwell Blade Runner X2
  • Soldering irons (we could use more if you have one to donate)
  • Drill
  • Multi-use tool with sander, jig saw, router and more
  • Various hand tools
  • Frame looms
  • Spinning wheel
  • Vinyl cutter

We will be in Edmonds, just over the county line, in the old Guitarville building (our suite is on the bottom floor, accessed from the back of the building. There’s plenty of parking too!

Our fundraising is going great…we’ve raised almost $1500 so far! Thanks to those who have pitched in for 6 month or 1  year memberships up front, and to donations! Those of you purchasing advance memberships: your renewal dates will be moved to 6 months or a year from when we open, not when you purchase!



2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. I would also be very interested in a metal laythe, if you guys are taking suggestions. I know I am not really one to talk, since I’m sure you guys are working with what you’ve got, but thought I would pitch in as much as I could.

    1. Xavier,
      Thanks for your input! We would love to be able to provide that, but the current space doesn’t really allow for that, sadly. We hope to expand eventually and be able to offer more. If you are looking for that in the near future, you might want to check out SnoCo Makers in Everett. I *think* they might have one, as they are much more manufacturing and fabrication oriented than we are currently. I do hope you’ll check us out though! -Emily

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