Sewing Machine Mechanics


Wed, March 6, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST

This informative class will teach you how all the mechanical parts of the sewing machine work in relation to your sewing. You don’t need to bring your machine, but you can if you have specific questions. We will cover:

  • Thread tension
  • Bobbin insertion
  • Bobbin tension
  • Take-up lever
  • Needle to hook relationship
  • Proper threading
  • Proper bobbin wining
  • Needle selection
  • How to change needles
  • Choosing stitch length and/or width
  • Thread selection
  • Cleaning, oiling & maintenance

    Refund policy: We currently do not offer refunds or transfers between classes. You may, however, transfer your ticket to another person who is 18 or older. If you need help finding someone to take your spot, you are welcome to post in the class event on our Facebook page, or ask us to share your email address with the class waitlist.

    For your personal safety, please wear closed-toe shoes, tie long hair back, and avoid any dangling jewelry or baggy clothing.

    You do not need to bring a printed ticket.