Grand Opening

GRAND OPENING! Sat. June 24. 12-9pm

Join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of Makerlab NW: a local community makerspace in South Edmonds, MakerLab NW is a non-profit organization that brings creatives of all sorts together to invent and learn. Artists, tech enthusiasts, cosplayers, crafters, hobbyists and makers of all ages will have access to 3D printers, soldering stations, a laser cutter and more, as well as a community with shared interests.

We also offer classes and workshops to the public on a variety of creative subjects, such as leather working, jewelry, microcontrollers, 3D design and printing, and much more!
Drop in and check us out at our grand opening on Saturday, June 24th, from 12pm-9pm! There will be snacks, and activities for adults and kids! Be a maker!
We’ll see you there!

MakerLab NW is located at 23931 Hwy 99, #101, Edmonds, 98026, just north of Burlington Coat Factory.


We are getting so excited about our space! We will have a 3D printer by the time we open, and we are working on building a laser cutter for the space! It’s a 50W laser and the cutting area will be 16×20 (ish…still to be determined).  The awesome crew at SnoCo makerspace in Everett is helping us get up and running, and we owe them a HUGE thanks!

Other tools we know we will have:

  • Sewing machine (Singer Rocketeer: this thing sews through 9 layers of denim, so it’s pretty heavy duty!)
  • Dremel Variable speed rotary tool
  • Rockwell Blade Runner X2
  • Soldering irons (we could use more if you have one to donate)
  • Drill
  • Multi-use tool with sander, jig saw, router and more
  • Various hand tools
  • Frame looms
  • Spinning wheel
  • Vinyl cutter

We will be in Edmonds, just over the county line, in the old Guitarville building (our suite is on the bottom floor, accessed from the back of the building. There’s plenty of parking too!

Our fundraising is going great…we’ve raised almost $1500 so far! Thanks to those who have pitched in for 6 month or 1  year memberships up front, and to donations! Those of you purchasing advance memberships: your renewal dates will be moved to 6 months or a year from when we open, not when you purchase!




Thanks to all your support and enthusiasm, we are at a point where we are getting a space! We are excited to be able to offer more classes and workshops, and space to create, collaborate, and commune with other makers! We hope to have our grand opening as soon as next month!

With all the great things a dedicated space brings, it also brings more bills. To support this space, we need members and donations! In addition to monthly rent, there’s insurance, deposit, wifi, etc. To put us on stable footage, we need to raise approximately $5000.00 through donations and annual memberships.

We’re announcing new membership levels. Memberships can be purchased on a month-to-month basis, but if you purchase a 6 month membership, you’ll get one month free. With a year’s membership, you’ll get 2 months free. This is true for all levels of membership except Supporter.

Our Charter members will get a special discount as a thank you if they choose to upgrade to a full membership.

Here are the membership levels available:

Full membership: $40/month, $200/6 months, $400/1 year
Access to space and tools when we are open. We hope to have 24/7 access, or close to it, but are still working out details with the landlord. If this occurs, full members will have access. A background check will be needed to get a key. Use of certain tools will require a certification class.

Starving artist/Unemployed/Student: $25/month, $125/6 months, $250/1 year
Same as Full Membership

Supporter membership: $30/3 months
$10 discount on all classes and workshops.

Current Charter members can upgrade to a full membership for $30/month, $150/6 months, $300 year

If you would like to support us with a donation, please use the following link:


Thank you for being part of this journey so far…there’s more exciting times around the corner!