Echo Lake Elementary Science Night

Last Thursday night, MakerLab NW had the pleasure of being at the Echo Lake Elementary School Science Night. When my son (now in high school) was a student at Echo Lake, Science Night was a yearly favorite, so it was extra fun to go back and be a part of it.

We brought out the Makey Makey, which is a fun way to introduce kids to the ideas of simple electrical circuits and hardware building. Why is a computer mouse a mouse and not a banana? Well…bananas get a lot messier for one!

Adults enjoyed the banana piano as well, and creating sounds by high-fiving others was a big hit!

We also brought a simple, line-following robot called an Ozobot. This robot can follow simple inputs of color combinations…for example, adding blue then red at the end of a line makes it turn around and go the other direction. Kids enjoyed experimenting with different line widths and complexities to see what worked and what didn’t.

The 3D printed dancing robot was also a big hit.

The biggest crowd was centered around the 3D printer and scanner demonstration. Kids and adults alike were fascinated with being able to scan and reproduce items (and people!) in real time and see them start to print!

We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Science Night and seeing kids get turned on to Science of all kinds. There were many great exhibits there, including rocks and gems, a portable planetarium, homemade gak (always a crowd pleaser!) and Team Pronto, the High School FIRST Robotics team. I’m happy to see the elementary schools supporting STEM and showing kids that science is fun!

A Space! Sort of….

Exciting news! Starting in October, we are renting a room at Bethel Lutheran Church in Shoreline! This isn’t the permanent space we hoped to have by now, but it‘s a place to meet more often and on a regular basis, and we’ll be able to do more than we can at the library! Definitely a step in the right direction!

We have our first Make and Take workshop planned in the new space for Saturday, October 1st, 1:00-4:00pm. We’ll be exploring papercraft with Bryce McGee and Jessica McGee! They have done some amazing papercraft work, but we are going to start off with something a little easier. We’ll have lots of pre-printed papercraft models to choose from, and lots of glue! You can find more details on Meetup: