What do you want to make?

I had hoped to have good news about a physical space by now to share with the group, but that has hit a temporary snag. The good news is that the city does want to work with us and help us make this a reality. The bad news is that they feel the original space they had offered us would not be the best option. So, while it sounds like we will be making the makerspace happen, it won’t be quite as soon as I’d hoped.

I’d like to use the extra time we have now to get to know you all better. I’ll be setting up regular “show and tell” meetups where we can meet, probably at a local coffeehouse, and show off what we’ve been making, or ask for help if we need it. We can also use this time to talk about the future space and how we want to shape it.

We are pretty much a blank slate at the moment. This group and this space can be whatever we want to make it. The ones that step up and say “I want to make this” or “I want to learn that” will help us decide what equipment to purchase first, and where to look for mentors and teachers.

I’ve created a poll to help us make initial decisions. Please take a minute to answer.

What do you want to make/learn? choose up to 3, or add your own
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