Hi Makers,

As the founder of Makerlab NW I wanted to write a last goodbye, and a thank you. We had an amazing community. I want to thank all of you for being a part of it. Some of you have been around since the very beginning of this crazy idea back when we met at libraries and offered free classes.

I want to thank Angela Read for being an early believer. Eddie McDermott gets a big thank you as well, for signing on early to help and sticking with us. He’s put in many hours of hard physical work for the space, and always worked to be fair. I want to thank Chas Ihler and SnoCo Makerspace. Their early support with getting our organization started was key, and their continued support was much appreciated. Tony Baltazar from SnoCo deserves many thanks for always being generous with his resources, time, and expertise…we had so many cool light up projects because of him, and I’ve personally learned so much from him. I want to thank Jessica McGee, without whom I would have worked myself to death. She donated so much time and energy to the space, and we were lucky to have her there. I want to thank our landlords for giving us free rent at first, and for believing in our mission and being supportive and great. I want to thank Dan Tebbs, who has been one of our most generous supporters. Andrew K for keeping our laser fine-tuned and building the french cleats, and Andrew G for building a ton of work benches. Thanks to Shari Hopple for working tirelessly to make Octavia, our giant octopus float, a reality in time for the Edmonds Parade last 4th of July. Thanks to Mike Decuir for donating our water cooler and keeping us all hydrated. I want to thank everyone who donated time, tools, and skills to the space. And everyone who came and created community. I am so thankful to have met every one of you. There are so many more, and if I haven’t named you, I apologize. Each of you made this space a success. It has always been the community that set us apart and made us a success.

It has been heartbreaking the last few months to see the space close with so little warning. I am sure you were all as shocked as I was. Things got crazy at the end. I never expected the space to close when I stepped down several months ago. We had more money in the bank than ever before, and membership was growing every month, we had recently expanded, and had acquired more tools. But tools can be replaced, and new a space can be found. Our biggest asset is you, our members. There is a group of members who are working to build a new organization, and eventually open another space in the north end. Currently the organization is going by North End Makers until a name is settled on, and the organization hopes to file for 501(c)(3) status in the next few weeks. They are already hosting Maker meetups and board game events, and hope to start offering classes soon. If you miss the community as much as I do, please consider joining them. They will work with openness and honesty to create a new space, with safeguards in place to make sure members are always kept in the loop and empowered.

Thank you again,

Emily Kelton, Founder
Makerlab NW